What is "Madjy"? How do I say it and what does it mean?
Madjy is the mommy name my son came up with when he was about 2.5 years old. :) It is pronounced "mahdgy," or "modgy"(think modge podge). It is completely made up and has no cultural origin. I just think it's cute. :)

Where do you get the books you review?
Quite a few of the books I review are ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) from the author or publisher, usually through NetGalley.com. However, I am a bibliophile, so my physical and digital libraries of purchased books is quite sizable, as is my son's (He just may have more physical books than I do). I'm also a fan of the library!

Do you review books you've purchased differently than those you have received for a review?
Not at all. Honestly, I see that as a disservice to readers and the authors themselves. If I love a book, it doesn't matter how I got it. If I don't love a book, it doesn't matter how I got it. There are actually times where I forget the source of the book I'm reading! (They usually look the same on my Kindle, regardless).

When do you post reviews for new releases? Does the rating matter?
My goal for new releases is, generally, to post a review for a book either the day before publication/release date, or within the first 48 hours of the publication/release date, unless I have otherwise committed to a date outside that range (Usually by participating in a book tour).

The exception to this is if I am rating the book 2.5 Stars or less, in which case I will post at least one week before or after the publication date, out of respect for the author. In the case of a 2.5 Stars or lower review, I also will not share my review on social media. I do feel that less favorable reviews are important, both for potential readers and as a - I hope! - constructive critique for the author. However, I don't want to rain on an author's "parade" or cast a shadow over their "Book Birthday." I do also realize that many of the books I rate lower are simply just not my cup of tea. :)

Do you get paid for your reviews? Can I pay you to read and review my book?
I do not generally receive any monetary compensation for my reviews (and, at the time of this writing, have not received any). The only "compensation" I have received is complimentary Advanced Rights Copies.

That said, I am not opposed to payment and would consider reading and reviewing a book for money. Just like my other reviews, no amount of money would influence my review, so I would not guarantee a positive/high rating and review. I do also make note of my sources when I review and would disclose if I was paid.

Why does your blog have both books for children and books with sexual content?
Simple: I blog about and review books that women who range in age from early 20s to early 40s (I, myself, fit right in the middle there). Quite a lot of these women are mothers, and I'd venture to guess that ALL of them are either mothers, aunts, sisters, or friends of someone with children. All of those people might be interested in good books for children, either to buy for their own, or to buy as a gift.

I also review Young Adult romance novels, which can be enjoyed by both teenagers or tweens AND adult women. They can also be great gifts for teens and tweens.

And the sexy books? Well, adult women often enjoy them! Mothers, in particular, may have less time to read and it's nice to know about a book before you get all settled. (And, in case anyone is wondering, most of MY reading is done at night into the wee hours of the morning while my son is sleeping!)

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