Tuesday, January 12, 2016

­čîčREVIEW: Disney/Pixar Cars 2 "My Busy Book" (Children book, Children Playset)

Disney/Pixar Cars 2 My Busy Book
Genre: Childrens Books, Childrens Toys

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My Cars-obsessed son got this for his 2nd birthday and it quickly became his favorite gift. There are 12 little plastic cars and a play mat, as well as 6 board book pages about some of the cars. The cars are really nice for kids playing because they don't have moving parts or small crevices to pick up dirt or sand (my son plays with them in both), and they don't have any metal to get chipped when dropped (which happens) or to rust when they get wet (he also takes them in the bath or pool). They are small, but not too small and are also nice for traveling! He loved this set so much that I got him the Cars 1 Busy Book as well. :)

It's worth nothing as well that he's now 3.25 and still loves this set!

Something to also be said about anyone who has one Cars Busy Book and is considering the other is that you don't get any actual duplicates if you buy both!

This set has:

Lightning McQueen (with a different paint job than the Cars 1 set)
Mater (the brown/orange rusted version)
Holley Shiftwell
Finn McMissile
Francesco Bernouli
Acer (lemon car)
Grem (lemon car)
Tombe (the French informant)
Professor Z
Torque (the American spy)
Carla Veloso(Brazillian racecar)
Uncle Topolino (Luigi's uncle)

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