Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Review: "Love Me For a Reason" by Angela Britnell (Contemporary Romance)

Love Me For a Reason
by Angela Britnell

Publisher:Choc Lit
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: March 24, 2016

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Description from Publisher: When Daisy Penvean meets Nathaniel Dalton whilst visiting a friend in Nashville, it seems there are a million and one reasons for them not to be together. Nathaniel’s job as a mergers and acquisitions manager means sharp suits and immaculate hair, whereas Daisy’s work as a children’s book illustrator lends itself to a more carefree, laidback style. And, as Daisy lives in England, there’s also the small matter of the Atlantic Ocean between them.

But when Nathaniel’s job takes him to London to oversee the merger of a small publisher with a large American company, he and Daisy meet again under very different circumstances. Because Daisy works for the publisher involved in the deal, and if Nathaniel does his job, it could mean she loses hers …

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This was a bit of a difficult read for me and I almost stopped reading several times throughout. The first half felt very dry and slow and I didn't get a real sense of any sexual tension between Daisy and Nathaniel.

At almost exactly 50% through, the tone changed quite a bit and felt much more comfortable and normal. I still didn't really care for Daisy, though I did enjoy everything to do with her being an illustrator. Nathaniel felt like a deeper character, though his stuffiness never really let up.

The "hippie" angle was interesting, though I didn't care for the implications that eating unprocessed foods was always tasteless or bad. People who prefer growing their own food are generally people who care enough to know how to cook well. At least, in my experience.

The "bad guys" moments didn't feel very realistic, or necessary, and they kind of came from nowhere and went away just as quickly. One such run-in could have been fine, but two pushed it too far.

I thought the seriousness of the characters was very sudden and rushed. There were definitely some sweet and cute moments, however. The story was one that felt fresh, especially since it even jumped continents and locals, while believably staying consistent.

Overall, this was fine, though I don't know that I would necessarily recommend it.

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