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Review: "Driving Her Crazy" by Kira Archer (Contemporary Romance, Road Trips)

Driving Her Crazy
by Kira Archer

Publisher:Entangled Publishing, LLC - Lovestruck
Series: Kissing Her Crazy (#2), Loving Her Crazy (#3) (affil.)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: August 17, 2015

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Description from Publisher: Cher Debusshere hates being the black sheep of her posh, well-to-do family almost as much as she hates driving-which is exactly what she's forced to do when her flight home for her perfect sister's wedding is grounded. Fan-freakin'-tastic. Then a hot guy offers to share both the car rental and the driving duties...only to drive her crazy by assuming she's just some spoiled little rich girl.

Mechanic Nathaniel "Oz" Oserkowski is about as blue-collar as they come. There's never been a time he hasn't worked his ass off, and he's determined to prove it to the gorgeous princess in the passenger seat. As the miles pass, they bait and needle each other...until their lust and longing gets so hot it nearly overheats the engine.

They have nothing in common. Hell, they can barely stand each other. But sometimes it takes a journey to change the destination...

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What a great story! The cuteness and reality of Cher and Oz was wonderful, and made it stand out as being a bit different from many others I've read.

I loved how much of a slow build this had. Cherice and Oz spent so much time bonding that their relationship didn't feel rushed. I liked how Cher "overthought" things - it all felt so normal. Oz's lack of confidence was also very believable, and he was believably sweet.

Before delving into the rest of the reasons I loved this, I need to address my least favorite thing about it, that just might be reconciled in book two ("Kissing Her Crazy" featuring Lena and Elliot, the siblings of Oz and Cher, respectively). And that is that I just didn't much care for how Oz was seemingly forever responsible for his sister. I understand helping her at first, but he worked 3 jobs while she made "a couple hundred" on Etsy or eBay? Why couldn't she deliver newspapers at night? And how long was she planning to mooch off her brother? Did he not get to EVER have his own life? :( I love that he cared so much, but it bummed me out to think of how that would negatively impact his life. And, unlike Cher's family impacting her, there wasn't much to indicate that his circumstances would change.

The adventures they had were fun and interesting. I found myself cringing and thinking "No! Don't do it" as that tuna melt came closer in the dodgy restaurant scene, loving the "superstore" scenes, and just all-around being amused at everything that happened to them. Whic brings me to...

This was also funny! Kira Archer's voice for both Cher and Oz was great. The turns of phrase were humorous and unique. Gems like this: "She was chicken. An ultra-petrified, twice-frozen nugget of pure and unadulterated fear. No preservatives added."

And this: His lips pulled into a lazy smile that made her heart skip over to high-five her lungs.

And this: “Maybe I was just faking it.” “If you did, you deserve an Oscar for that performance. Well, for all those performances. How many were there?”

And: "One of his legs was wedged firmly between hers and her arm encircled his waist. Her other arm… Oz wasn’t exactly sure where it was. It must be squished between them. But she didn’t seem to mind. Neither did he." (Where was her arm? Ha, probably awkwardly asleep ;P)

The morning after the motel scene - holy moly. It worked so well with their banter and style of talking while also be hotly amusing. Very fitting, and exemplifying the great chemistry between these two.

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