Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Interview: Lisa Wells, author of "The Seduction of Kinley Foster"

Interview with Lisa Wells
Author of "The Seduction of Kinley Foster

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M.o.M.: Las Vegas has some super unique hotels. In your opinion, which is the coolest Vegas hotel?
Lisa: If I’m going to limit myself to one, it would be the Bellagio because of the conservatory and fountains. Especially at night. Las Vegas is such a fun city to visit.

M.o.M.: What is something that surprised you about writing a romance novel?
Lisa: I’m continually surprised by the amount of sex that finds its way into my books because writing sex scenes is not easy. And the ladies in my church read my books. And my mother-in-law reads my books.
I keep telling myself I’m going to write a book where I can just shut the door on that stuff. So far…that has not happened.

M.o.M.: What do you love most about Kinley's love interest, Ian?
Lisa: I love that he believes strongly in telling the truth. And that he isn’t afraid to dabble in the kinky side of sex.

M.o.M.: Besides writing romance novels, what part of Kinley's character do you most identify with?
Lisa: When Kinley sat down at the black jack table and started making her presence known, that might as well have been me. I’m a huge flirt. I once wrangled dinner vouchers for seven out of a pit boss.

M.o.M.: Kinley loses her karaoke virginity in this book... What's your go-to song for karaoke?
Lisa: I laugh. Unlike Kinley, I’m still a karaoke virgin. If I were to sing Karaoke, I’d sound much like Kinley does. I WISH I could sing. If I could sing, it would be Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seger. That song always gets me out on a dance floor.

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