Tuesday, July 26, 2016

😍REVIEW: & GIVEAWAY: "Resisting the Rebel" by Lisa Brown Roberts (YA Romance)

Resisting the Rebel
by Lisa Brown Roberts

Publisher: Entangled TEEN: Crush
Genre: YA Romance
Publication Date: July 25, 2016

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Description from Publisher:
Disclaimer: This book contains a villain pretending to be a hero, a hero pretending to be a villain, a disco-dancing heroine, two overprotective sidekicks, a little bit of bad language, and a whole lot of swoony kissing.

Spirit committee leader Mandy Pennington is secretly in love with her best friend, Gus, but when he hooks up with her archenemy at a party, she decides to win him over once and for all. She just doesn’t know how. But who better to help than hot loner Caleb Torrs?

Caleb’s got his own problems, but when he sees Mandy pining over Gus at a party, he thinks she’s finally smoked the spirit stick and lost her mind. Maybe he has, too, because he just asked Mandy to be his fake girlfriend.She’ll get her loser friend’s attention, and he’ll get his stalker ex off his back.It’s a win-win.

But soon one fake date blends into the next and before he knows it, he actually wants to kiss Mandy. For real. Too bad their plan is working, and Gus is finally noticing the one girl Caleb just might be falling for…

My Rating:
Heat Rating:

My Musings:
Such an adorable story! Wonderful chemistry from the beginning (seriously, I was a goner for Caleb the minute he lit up his lighter in the dark), and two characters with just enough depth to keep them interesting without bogging down an otherwise lighthearted story. There was some serious heat between these two throughout!

At first, I really didn't get Mandy and her rambling... until her learning difficulties were revealed. I really enjoyed the mantras and everything that exemplified what it was like for someone whose mind processes things a little differently.

I always feel that a romance with heart is one with a good amount of bonding, and this story fit the bill. Even when these two are bickering, they are developing mutual admiration and respect doe one another that is a real treat.

The supporting characters are well-developed here and help to round everything out. I especially adored J.T. :)

The nerdiness was not lost on me and, proud nerd that I am, I adored every bit of it! Definite points for humor too, nerdy and otherwise. There were several LOL moments!

Lastly, being of an older generation (HS class of '02 :P), I'm only slightly familiar with "prom-posals," but found the ones here amusing and all-around fun. I also appreciated the '70s aspect and the whimsy and character it added.

Overall, this was a really great read and a fantastic addition to the YA Romance genre!
My Source: I received a digital ARC from the publisher for an honest, unbiased review. This in no way influenced my review. My opinion is my 100% own.

About Lisa Brown Robert
Lisa Brown Roberts still hasn't recovered from the teenage trauma of nearly tweezing off both eyebrows and having to pencil them in for an entire school year. This and other angst-filled memories inspire her to write YA books about navigating life's painful and funny dramas, and falling in love along the way.
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