Monday, July 18, 2016

Review: "Totally, Sweetly, Irrevocably" by Kira Archer (Contemporary Romance)

Totally, Sweetly, Irrevocably
by Kira Archer

Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Series: Sweet Love
Truly, Madly, Sweetly (#1) (affil.)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: July 18th 2016

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Description from Publisher: When Officer Rick Boyd answers a call about a peeping Tom, he doesn’t expect to find a gorgeous woman holding the binoculars. But Gina Silvano’s no peeping Tom, and she can catch her cupcake truck’s kinky vandals herself, thank you very much. No sexy cops required.

No matter how hot their stakeouts, by-the-book Officer Boyd can’t see a future with a dangerous, rule-breaking wild-child who despises the law. He’s never felt more alive, though, and expunging her from his heart might be impossible.

But loving each other might cost them more than they are able to give.

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I received a digital ARC from the publisher through for an honest, unbiased review. This in no way influenced my review. My opinion is my 100% own.

I thought this was a really cute and funny light-hearted romance!

This was definitely a very "Opposites attract" type of story. Gina is sassy, funny, and the kind of girl who would be fun to hang out with. She's of the mind that rules are meant to be bent a bit, and the world is full of gray areas, which is definitely right up my alley! This type of mindset does pose some potential problems, and she gets herself into interesting - often very humorous - situations!

Then, you have Rick. Oldest brother, rule follower and enforcer, and believes very strongly in the letter of the law. Being more like Gina myself, I did see him as overly strict for awhile, but he isn't without a good sense of humor and you have to respect his willingness to stick to his convictions. It's really sweet how he protects his family and friends, too.

The romance of this was perfect for anyone with some hot cop fantasies (Can you say "Frisk me, Officer? ;) )... Stake-outs, frisking, the sexy uniform. There is definite InstaLust here, but it's blended really well with the fun banter between Rick and Gina.

Great fast, fluffy romance that would make a great beach or pool read.

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