Thursday, September 8, 2016

­čîčREVIEW: "The Storybook Knight" by Helen Docherty and Thomas Docherty (Childrens books, Fantasy)

The Storybook Knight
by Helen Docherty and Thomas Docherty

Publisher: SOURCEBOOKS Jabberwocky
Genre: Childrens books, Picture Book, Fantasy
Publication Date: September 6, 2016

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Description from Publisher:
Even dragons can’t resist a good story…

Even though Leo would rather sit at home and read, his parents send him out into the world in the hopes that Leo will become a famous knight. But when Leo comes up against the land’s most fearsome beasts, he soon discovers that scary monsters enjoy a good book as much as anyone…


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My Rating:
This is such an adorable book! I love that Leo is a bookworm and a knight who is gentle. The fact that he wins over all of his obstacles by being familiar with the creatures and showing them books just sets this book over the top for me (in the best way).

The illustrations are beautiful and I really like the art style. It reminds me of older storybooks. I am always a fan of kids books that have detailed and colorful illustrations and this one does not disappoint in that regard!

My second favorite thing about this book (first being the book-reading knight that wins everyone over with books) is that it shows kids that these creatures aren't scary even though they appear to be at first.

This is a book that I know will be read and re-read over and over again. Already, my son has requested it be read to him twice, then he "read" it to me and then my husband (read = summarizing each page since he is 3).

This is available in hardcover and is just a wonderful and beautiful book!

My Source: I received an ARC from the publisher for an honest, unbiased review. This in no way influenced my review. My opinion is my 100% own.

About Helen Docherty
I was born and grew up in a small town called Weymouth, on the south coast of England. My family was from Wales, and I inherited from them a love of stories. As a child, I spent most of my time either reading or writing. From an early age I started making books with my own stories and pictures in them. I took this very seriously, and was quite determined that I would be a writer when I grew up (I knew I was never going to make it as a ballet dancer, athlete or pop star).
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About Thomas Docherty
Thomas Docherty was born in New Zealand but has spent most of his life in England. He studied metalwork and sculpture and now has a collection of acclaimed picture books. Thomas has been short-listed for a variety of awards, including the Kate Greenaway Medal in 2009 for Little Boat.
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