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❤️REVIEW: "Compromising Positions" by Jenna Bayley-Burke (Contemporary Romance)

by Jenna Bayley-Burke

Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: March 24th 2009

Series: Invested in Love, #1
Standalone: Yes

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My Review



Description from Publisher:
Falling in love is the last thing on his busy agenda but compromising positions can lead just about anywhere.

David Strong knows how to do a lot of things run an international fitness company, finesse stock portfolios and stay out of emotional entanglements. That is, until he gets tangled up with Sophie Delfino and her Sensational Sex workout. He s supposed to help her demonstrate Kama Sutra positions for her couples yoga class. The rigorous postures require more than just physical control. And his co-instructor unexpectedly tests his control to the limit.

Sophie's been fantasizing about David since her teens, but she never dreamed she d actually be expected to run through her intimate desires with an audience! The class is very professional, tame even or it would be, if she d been in any of the positions before. But she hasn t except in her wildest fantasies about David. Sophie knows she wants David in every way, and she s flexible enough to use whatever she has to get him.

David can't afford any unexpected distractions. Besides the sensual positions he has to endure without embarrassing himself in public, there s an embezzler stealing from his company. And then there s Sophie who is well on her way to stealing his well-guarded heart.
My Rating:
Heat Rating:

My Musings:
This was kind of cute and I actually enjoyed it overall. There were a few things I just don't really care for though... For one, I didn't feel much connection to David and Sophie, as much as I liked them.

There is also just SO MUCH going on in this. Sophie's parents, David's dad, Daphne's pregnancy, Craig being an ass about Sophie like she is less-than... Sophie's virginity... And there is quite a lot of drama throughout, which bogs this down.

I also didn't care for the way that Sophie throws herself at David, over and over again. In ways, I like that she is very take-charge, but then she is incredibly insecure all of a sudden. :/ And he is hardcore NO SEX then starts giving in, but as though he didn't say No...

I'm torn about this, as I did enjoy several elements and thought that it had a good mix of sexy moments & cute moments, but this one was mostly a miss for me, despite the fact that I generally like Jenna Bayley-Burke's books.

My Source: I received a digital ARC from the publisher to voluntarily review. This in no way influenced my review. My opinion is unbiased and my 100% own.

About the Author: Jenna Bayley-Burke
By day, Jenna is faster than a speeding toddler, stronger than a stubborn husband, able to leap tall Lego structures in a single bound...but by night, while the family sleeps she writes romance novels where no one ever has to scoop up after the dog, change diapers, clip coupons, drive carpool, do laundry, mop floors, get silly putty out of hair, vacuum, empty the vacuum bag (gross!), exercise, count calories, apply bandaids, clean up puke...wait where was this going? Oh, Jenna writes romance because it is glamorous. Just ask the dog.
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