Thursday, December 8, 2016

🎄REVIEW: "A Pirate's Twelve Days of Christmas" by Philip Yates & Sebastia Serra (Picture Book)

by Philip Yates
Illustrated by Sebastia Serra

Publisher: Sterling Children's Books
Genre: Childrens Fiction, Picture Book
Publication Date: October 2nd 2012

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Description from Publisher:
On the first day of Christmas, a gift was sent to me . . . a parrot in a palm tree!

Ahoy mateys--Christmas is coming and even pirates celebrate the holiday! This follow-up to the hugely popular A Pirate's Night Before Christmas offers a witty re-imagining of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”—with a sly buccaneer twist. A brave cabin boy receives marvelously mysterious gifts for each of the 12 days he is left alone to guard the pirate ship: 12 cannons blastin', 9 mermaids singin', 6 Jolly Rogers, and so on—but who are they from? With impeccable rhythm and a lively sense of fun, Philip Yates and SebastiĂ  Serra create a delightful world all their own.

My Rating:
My Musings:
Every year, I do a Christmas book advent, wrapping holiday books from last year again, as well as some new non-holiday books and some new holiday treasures. Last year, I discovered A Pirate's Night Before Christmas and, enjoying that (check out my review), I bought this one by the same authors. This has a little story and is then the song we all know and love to sing along with, but pirate-y. You will not be able to stop yourself from singing along to this one, which makes it really fun to read. By halfway through this, my son was singing out "5 chests of GOLD!" and "a parrot in a palm tree," while dancing in place. By the second reading the next night, he was singing the last 5 gifts each time.

The illustrations in this are colorful, whimsical, and just perfect for the text.

If your kiddo (or you) enjoy Christmas, singing, and pirates, this is a fantastic addition to your library of Christmas books, which is also nice because the focus isn't the bearded man in red. :)

My Source: I bought this one after buying and loving The Pirate's Night Before Christmas. My opinion is my 100% own.

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