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💑 REVIEW: "Not in My Wildest Dreams" by Jamie Hollins (Contemporary Romance)

by Jamie Hollins

Publisher: Jamie Hollins
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: February 7th 2017

Series: McKenna, #2
Standalone: Yes

Best Friends to Lovers, Virgin Female Lead, Creatives in Love (Interior Design), Childhood Friends
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McKenna#1 Goodreads
Description from Publisher:
It really sucks to be in love with someone who sees you as nothing more than a friend. Darcy Owens knows this from personal experience. From the moment she met Sean McKenna as a shy ten-year-old, he’s owned her heart. So when he asks for her help with an important construction project, she can’t say no.

Building a boutique hotel on Boston’s waterfront is a career-making opportunity, and Sean needs Darcy’s interior design expertise. She’s incredibly talented, and there is no one he trusts more. He knows he can always count on his childhood friend, but doesn’t know why he’s thinking about her tight skirts and blue eyes instead of tight deadlines and blueprints.

When Sean and Darcy’s excitement about their work turns into an entirely different kind of excitement, it’s a sexy surprise. But they soon realize that building a new relationship is more challenging than building a new hotel, especially when life-long habits and old insecurities create cracks in the foundation.
My Rating:
Heat Rating:

My Musings:
This was a seriously fantastic best friends to lovers story! There is a fair amount of build up, but that really set the tone and helped me fall for the characters. I was sold by the Dirty Dozen game in the opening scene.

One thing that I really appreciate in a romance is when the issues they face feel genuine and are things real people experiences fairly regularly. This definitely had that. Darcy with her insecurities and jumping to conclusions, Sean with his inability to communicate his emotions and his underestimating the situations... Definitely things men and women deal with.

The voices here were also distinctly male and female, and without having to be too "cute" or crude.

And though this has a virgin subplot, it wasn't ridiculously over the top or "flowery." In fact, I loved how her deflowering was pretty realistic, even a bit disappointing (and the misunderstanding that stemmed from that on each side were perfect).

The supporting characters were also a joy and I now need to go back and read Ewan's book! I also hope that Sean's sister Megan gets a book since she obviously (but not TOO obviously) has a story to tell! (ETA: Looks like her story IS the next one. :) )

I really and thoroughly enjoyed this!

My Source: I received a digital ARC from the publisher to voluntarily review. This in no way influenced my review. My opinion is unbiased and my 100% own.

About the Author: Jamie Hollins
Jamie Hollins was born and raised in rural Northeast Ohio. After graduate school, she embarked on a perilous career in Human Resources where she met plenty of real life characters. When she’s not writing or chasing after her toddler, she enjoys reading and golfing. Jamie lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, son, and their dog, Winston.
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