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REVIEW: "Deliciously Smooth" by KB Jacobs (Contemporary Romance)

by KB Jacobs

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: March 3rd 2017

Series: Naked Brews, #1
Standalone: Yes

Creatives in Love (Brewing), Enemies to Lovers, Stuck With You
Description from Publisher:
My parents were conmen and I was their tool. I learned how to cheat, connive, and charm my way out of any circumstance. But now I’m respectable...kind of. Yeah, my life is still a lie, but that’s because I have no choice. My best friend, who’s also my boss, needs me to lie to keep our billion-dollar charity going. It’s complicated.

But all the lies are about to end. I just have to finish one final task...taking over a brewery. Easy, right?

Not so much. Because that brewery is part of a custody battle between mother and daughter. The mother owns it. The daughter thinks it should be hers. I’m caught in the middle. Not normally a bad place to be when it comes to two feisty women.

But I’m falling for the daughter and when my lies come to light, everything is going to unravel. And then my future with the brewery and the girl will be shot to hell.

My boss probably won’t be too happy with me either...

My Rating:
Heat Rating:

I thought this was really cute and enjoyed how important the brewery, beer, and brewing were to the story.

The chemistry between Lake and Walsh was good, and the bickering and animosity between them worked well. Oftentimes, the "enemies to lovers" trope isn't delivered with quite the "enemies" vibe, but I thought this was perfectly delivered. There was some instalust and instalove here, but the last scene was cute enough that I forgive it.

Lake's history was interesting but not necessarily as deep as I would like. I wanted a little more emotion and resolution from the situation with her mom, and maybe a bit more angst. Walsh's was more detailed but I still didn't necessarily feel the weight of it. I would say that his situation, in particular, deserved more attention.

I really liked Melissa, Alex, Sawyer and Damian, and feel that they were nice supporting characters. They added some fun and I felt that the interactions between everyone to be pretty genuine.

I assume the next book intends to deal with the obvious sabotage with the competition brews and the arson, which seems interesting. I do have to say that I didn't expect a cliffhanger though, and that it kind of came out of nowhere.

Overall, I really liked this one and feel like it's a great book to get lost in.

My Source: I received a digital ARC from the publisher to voluntarily review. This in no way influenced my review. My opinion is unbiased and my 100% own.

About the Author: KB Jacobs
KB Jacobs is the pen name for two fabulous, best-selling authors. Obsessed with the 3 B’s...books, brews, and bodies...specifically male ones with a ladder of abs leading down to the treasure trail…

Ahem, sorry, we digress.

These two authors decided to pool their obsessions and discovered a whole new destination to whet their imaginations. Welcome to Naked Brews, one amazing microbrewery set in the middle of the Rockies, run by three women, who much like our authors, know what they want...those 3 B’s again. Side eyes the men...oh, yeah, they have very nice obsessions.
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