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REVIEW: "Her Leading Man" by Maggie Dallen (Contemporary Romance)

by Maggie Dallen

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: February 14th 2017

Series: A Reel Romance, #1
Standalone: Yes

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My Review

My Review

Description from Publisher:
Life’s not like the movies . . . or is it?

An avid knitter and manager of a yarn store in New York City, Caitlyn finds herself at loose ends after getting dumped by her long-time, live-in boyfriend. What better way to move on then to find a man like the old-school movie stars that she dreams about? But her first attempt at online dating is a disaster. Especially when the date turns out to be the new renter of a room in her apartment.

Wall Street powerhouse Ben needs a place to crash while his condo is being renovated. Love is the last thing on his mind since he’s just getting over a breakup. But he can’t resist a challenge, especially one like his prim and proper new roommate. A do-gooder with a heart of gold, Caitlyn is spearheading a fight to save an old theater, while Ben is working for the developer trying to tear it down. Sparks will fly, but they may not be enough to ignite big-screen romance . . .

My Rating:
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This was sweet and sexy with some fun characters. Caitlyn works at a yarn shop and is someone who enjoys life's comforts. Her idea of a fun evening is hanging out on her couch while knitting, watching movies, or talking - or all of the above. Her ex found this boring and left her feeling inadequate. She has a horrible blind date and then is stuck living with that date. Ben, the bad date, was nervous and drunk and doesn't remember his bad behavior. He is also recently single, having found his girlfriend cheating on him with one of his collegues. This means couch-surfing and working from home for awhile. And fighting his attraction for Caitlyn, since he isn't a "relationship guy."

I really liked how they were so normal and hung out at home watching things while she knit (as someone who knots & crochets and loves movies, including Cary Grant ones, this was right up my alley!). These two had chemitry and their romance really shined. I am a sucker for genuine bonding with hot chemistry. There was good rapport and banter between Ben and Caitlyn.

Their arrangement was basically as you would expect, and there weren't really any surprises here, but it was a nice escape. The drama was low-key, portrayed in a very genuine way. Caitlyn's strength really coming out was nice to watch as was Ben's. They grew as people from start to finish.

The friends were a fun addition, too. I am most intrigued by Alice and what exactly was going on with her. She had some great insights and felt like a fantastic addition. I hope her story is next in this series!
My Source: I received a digital ARC from the publisher to voluntarily review. This in no way influenced my review. My opinion is unbiased and my 100% own.

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