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REVIEW: "All the Forever Things" by Jolene Perry (Young Adult)

by Jolene Perry

Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company
Genre: Young Adult
Publication Date: April 1st 2017

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Description from Publisher:
“How many times have you saved me?” I ask Bree.

She grins. “Don’t you mean how many times have we saved each other?”

Nothing is forever. Gabe knows that more than most girls. After all, she lives in a funeral home (it’s the family business), and she gets that everything in the world dies eventually – people, rumors, fashion trends, the nickname “Graveyard Gabe.” But her best friend, Bree, has been a constant in her life; it’s always been the two of them together. Until Bree starts seeing a guy who stands for everything Gabe thought they were against. How could Bree change her mind and go for someone like Bryce Johnson?

Now Gabe doesn’t know who her friend is anymore. And the only person who seems to have time for her is Hartman, the new guy, who is somehow not weirded out by the funeral home stuff (well, a little). Still, Gabe doesn’t want to lose her mind over a guy the way Bree has, so she holds back.

But a very strange prom night (driving the family hearse instead of a limo) will change what Gabe knows about friendship, love, life, and everything that comes after – forever and otherwise.

My Rating:
Heat Rating:

Considering the fact that Gabe works (and lives) at a funeral home, I expected her to be more interesting. But instead, she becomes exactly who she hates people treating her like -a weird, closed-off, broody goth girl.

The way that she acted basically the entire book wasn't what I feel would be consistent with any 16 year old girl, but instead everything felt like it was middle schoolers. And I say that as someone who didn't have her first kiss until she was 18 and had graduated high school. The way she and Bree were about boys and dating, the way Gabe couldn't handle sharing her friend...

There were some nice messages about life and death in this, which was really the best part.

I liked Hartman, and thought that the way he pursued Gabe was pretty adorable. He was also eccentric and quirky, but in what felt like a very genuine way. I do wish that these characters had had more depth though, especially Gabe, since it was hard to make any real connection with any if them when we mostly just got shallow stereotypes and interactions.

For the majority of the story, not a whole lot seems to actually happen and it dragged quite a bit. Finally, at about 70% it picked up and became more interesting.

My Source: I received a digital ARC from the publisher to voluntarily review. This in no way influenced my review. My opinion is unbiased and my 100% own.

About the Author: Jolene Perry
I wear juvenile T-shirts, worn-out chucks, and eat too much chocolate. I write. A lot. I make up words, drink Shirley Temples, and suffocate a little without my iPod.
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