Friday, May 19, 2017

REVIEW: "Dream Big" by Kat Kronenberg (Childrens Fiction, Picture Book)

by Kat Kronenberg
Illustrated by

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Press
Genre: Childrens Fiction, Picture Book
Publication Date: January 10th 2017

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Description from Publisher:
One by one, Caterpillar, Tadpole, and Flamingo gaze up at the night sky and wish upon a star for their wildest dreams. Baboon, who can’t help but overhear, insists these dreams could never come true. But when he sees Caterpillar turn into a winged butterfly, Tadpole into a dancing frog, and Flamingo into a beautiful pink bird, Baboon realizes that a transformative power exists between these stars and the animals once they truly believe in themselves and their dreams. When Baboon tries out this secret, CATCH-M, his Magical, Mystical, Wished-Upon Star, whooshes down from the heavens to wham! ignite the courage in his chest too, and what happens next is fantastic!

Inclusive of an Arts/Activities resource section, this richly illustrated book demonstrates that together we can all be inspired to identify and pursue our dreams, no matter how big or impossible they may seem. Dream Big is the perfect heart-warming gift of encouragement for anyone starting a new phase in their life or a great send-off for grads—preschool, high school, college, and beyond!
My Rating:
This book is so cute!

The illustrations are simply gorgeous, rich & full of color and with an art style that is very fitting for the accompanying story. The creatures depicted are realistic, but with a certain whimsy that feels very true to the setting of before a caterpillar could turn into a butterfly, for instance.

The story itself is also wonderful, with a baboon that keeps discouraging various creatures from believing that their dreams can come true, before he, himself, gets inspired to have DREAM BIG. As mentioned, a caterpillar wishes to fly, then becomes sad at the idea that its dream could never come true and hides itself in a cocoon, then awakens as a beautiful butterfly. There is also a tadpole and a termite, among a few others.

The only thing that really kept this from being 5 stars for me was that some of the sounds and rhymes seemed a little off, including the celebration song at the end being a version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. That's more personal preference, but just something that didn't quite work for me or my son (4.5).

My Source: I received a digital ARC from the publisher for an honest, unbiased review. This in no way influenced my review. My opinion is my 100% own.

About the Author: Kat Kronenburg
A writer and lover of books for young readers with the dream that we all catch CATCH-M too and watch our wildest dreams come true!

(CATCH-M, in case you are wondering, is what we like to call a two-sided coin. One side is your "Big Belly Smile" that comes all the way up from your belly, through your chest, and radiates from your face a belief in yourself and your dreams. The other side of the coin is "Your Magical, Mystical, Wished Upon Star" that is always smiling down on you, waiting for the invite to connect with you once you do smile big.)
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