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REVIEW: "Edge of Regret" by Molly E. Lee (Contemporary Romance)

by Molly E. Lee

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: June 20th 2017

Series: Love on the Edge, #6
Standalone: Yes, but previous book recommended

Second Chance Romance, Military (female lead), Adventurer (Stuntman)
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Description from Publisher:
Leading man on the new E.D.G.E. series reality show? Check.

Stunt-double for the star in the latest, multi-million-dollar funded military movie? Check.

Work with a sexy female military expert? Holy hell, check.

When I signed on to do stunts for Hollywood’s eagerly awaited war-thriller, I thought it would be like every other gig—go in, try not to get killed, and leave with a fat check and an adrenaline rush. This time? Not so much.

Mackenzie Patterson is the on-set expert. She knows topographical layouts, government lingo, speaks four languages, and is one of the best explosive disposal leaders the Air Force has ever seen, so she’s more than qualified.

She’s also the woman who turned my teenage heart to ash.

I can’t ignore the darkness that has appeared in her eyes, or the urge I have to take it away.

Quitting isn’t an option, but the more I see her, the more I want to make her mine. And that can never happen because our past is twisted with heartbreak, hate, and regret.

Every second I spend with her is a battle between holding on to the anger in my heart—and giving in to the love that never left.

My Rating:
Heat Rating:

After getting a taste of Wade in Edge of Brotherhood, I was eager to get inside his head some more and see him get his own HEA. And lemme tell you, he is just as tasty as I had hoped! :)

Suffice it to say, I really adored Wade. He is that jokester with a bit of sarcasm... with a heart of pure gold. Bonus points for his love of the band Queen, since I'm also a pretty big fan!! Wade is a badass stuntman for Hollywood and is excited to work on a contemporary military/war action movie after finishing up with the project with his EDGE brothers. He is expecting to enjoy himself... but he isn't expecting the girl who grabbed his teenage heart and ran off to the Air Force with it!

Mackenzie, aforementioned heart-grabber, is consulting on the movie and is just as shocked as Wade is to see him again. It's been 10 years and 3 deployments to the Middle East since she joined up and left him behind. I really felt for her, as she struggled with the guilt of losing close members of her team while deployed, including Wade's older brother. She is stubborn and tries to be strong, which I could identify with. It was harder to relate to her at times though, since she constantly downplayed or outright lied about her PTSD, which made me want to shake some sense into her. I also didn't feel as though she brought quite as much to the table in her relationship with Wade, or that she necessarily helped make him a better version of himself. He did that for her, but she kept running away and toying with him (including asking him to make love to her "just one more time" as she broke his heart into pieces... Seemed very selfish to me!).

That also plays into something that happens to Wade further into the story while on set and dealing with the movie's lead actor. Perhaps I just really liked Wade that much though, haha.

All in all, this is another awesome addition to an already fantastic series! There are flashbacks to fill in what happened to Wade and Mackenzie while they were apart that I found fascinating and very well-written, and the chemistry and love between these two is undeniable!

My Source: I received a digital ARC from the publisher to voluntarily review. This in no way influenced my review. My opinion is unbiased and my 100% own.

About the Author: Molly E. Lee
Molly E. Lee is an author and editor best known for her debut novel EDGE OF CHAOS, and as a fourth year mentor at Pitch Wars - a program which connects promising writers to established authors in the community. Molly writes New Adult Contemporary and Young Adult Urban Fantasy featuring strong female heroines who are unafraid to challenge their male counterparts, yet still vulnerable enough to have love sneak up on them. In addition to being a military spouse and mother of two + one stubborn English Bulldog, Molly loves watching storms from her back porch at her Midwest home, and digging for treasures in antique stores.
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