Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Review: "Match Me If You Can" by Michele Gorman (Chick Lit, Womens Literature)

Match Me If You Can
by Michele Gorman

Publisher: HarperCollins UK, Avon
Genre: Chick Lit, Womens Literature
Publication Date: January 14, 2016

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Description from Publisher:
Catherine's ex-husband and business partner drops a bombshell over their Chardonnay: he’s about to marry his twenty-three year old girlfriend. Catherine has bras that are older than his new fiancĂ©e, yet he’s about to install her in Catherine’s beloved matchmaking business.

Meanwhile, architect Rachel is battling romantic mistake, James, to win their firm’s biggest project. So when she joins Catherine’s website,, where everyone recycles an ex for the chance of an upgrade, she knows just who she’s going to trade in.

And it’s time for homebody baker, Sarah, to stop worrying about everyone else for a change. She reluctantly joins with Rachel, but as minor adjustments to improve her chances turn into a complete overhaul, will her newfound popularity be worth the sacrifices she’s making?

My Rating:
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To be honest, I wasn't really bowled over by this book. I liked all of the characters, but didn't really care all that much about what happened to them. I tried throughout the book to figure out if this was actually meant to be a romantic story or not. I'm still not entirely sure. If it wasn't meant to be romantic, it would make sense if its focus was on the relationships between the 3 friends, but most of the novel had them apart and there wasn't actually much delved into.

I didn't really feel like the characters grew much over the course of things. I expected Catherine to start taking Magda's suggestions seriously, but she never did, not even a little. Magda had some good points - especially when she was saying how they should be doing more for their clients than just pairing them with people they had things in common with who ticked their boxes. There were so many opportunities to really pound that home that were passed up and then the whole point was basically blown over. Catherine is told this by both Alis and Magda, but she doesn't ever REALLY seem to get it.

The same could basically be said of the other two girls, though I think they had even less going on with them than Catherine did. And who didn't see the silly Sarah & James are faking it to make Rachel jealous thing? There wasn't even much focus on that, except for Rachel to just drone on, mostly to herself, how much it didn't bother her.

I didn't like the makeovers either. Both girls apparently were really bad at making someone over because they just turned their people into someone else (and not just "someone they weren't," but someone else - Sarah became Rachel and Paul became Richard).

I wasn't especially happy for any of the girls at the end, except maybe Sissy. I think she was my favorite character of them all. Mostly, to me, this whole thing basically felt like it didn't go much of anywhere.

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