Sunday, February 21, 2016

Review: "Speaking Greek" by Selena Laurence (Romance, Chick Lit, Suspense)

Speaking Greek
by Selena Laurence

Publisher: Broad Universe
Genre: Romance, Chick Lit, Suspense
Publication Date: January 12, 2016

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Description from Publisher: A Greek Billionaire and his student intern.

Tess Richardson is from a family that’s all about the law. She follows the rules, and works hard for everything she has. When she gets accepted to junior year abroad and an internship at an International shipping company, she knows that doing things the right way has paid off. Then she meets Nico[sic] Stephanos and all the rules fly out the window.

Nico[sic] has always been the golden boy. Handsome, smart, and the son of a Greek billionaire, he gets what he wants, when he wants it. With a father as rich and powerful as his, he’s got the world by the balls—until the day the woman he’s falling for becomes his family’s greatest enemy. Now Nico[sic] is faced with a choice—the life he knows, or the girl he thinks he loves.

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This book immediately pulled me in and kept my interest, to the point that I was excited to get back to it when I had free time. I think it would be a fantastic beach or travel read, as it is a quick read (I finished in about 4 hours) and an interesting and fun story.

The one thing that I would say I wasn't necessarily a fan of was Tess's "Rules are the most important thing EVER and I am the best person because I understand that" attitude. I think that is mostly because I can't stand people who are like that, especially those who act superior to others who understand that all rules should be considered guidelines that are subject to change. Tess did eventually seem to understand that, which I appreciated, but I'm still not sure she grew up enough by the end. She was still spouting off about how laws are who she is.

I adored Niko basically from the moment I 'met' him. Tess's snobbery, even when they first meet, only serves to show just how sweet and humble he actually is. Which does mean that I didn't buy the "spoiled rich jerk" image that Tess projected onto him though. I would have enjoyed a few more amusing things like Niko having to ask his housekeeper where one of his beach towels were (in the pool house, of course). I do appreciate, however, that we weren't hit over the head too much with how rich Niko was.

Without giving too much away, I felt the climax was a bit rushed and I didn't really get as much of a feel for his friendship with Christos. The crisis with Stephanos Shipping was pretty obvious from the beginning and then just went full-throttle and then right back down again quickly. I was really hoping that Tess and Niko would work together to fix things, and learn & grow as a result, and was a bit disappointed in how it played out.

That said, this was still a sweet, fun, sexy story that I thoroughly enjoyed. The characters were all well-formed, the dialogue and most of the situations believable enough, and it had a good amount of steam without being over-the-top.

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